DIP Connectors Selector Guide

The CW Dual-In-Line Plug (DIP) connector is used for rapid, permanent connection of ribbon cable to a PC board or to a standard DIP socket when connect/disconnect capabilities are required. The cover is factory preassembled to the connector base to simplify assembly to cable and has ridges for cable alignment. CW DIP connectors are Mil-DTL-83503/6 approved.


DIP Connectors


CWR-130 Series DIP Connector with standard tail length .175"

CWR-134 Series DIP Connector with optional tail length .130"



•  For use with standard Dip Sockets when connect/disconnect capabilities are required.      
• Feature patented (Torq-Tite™) contacts for reliable gas-tight cable termination.      
•  Optional strain relief clips.  
• CWR-130-14, - 16, 24 series only, comply with MIL-DIL-83503/6 specification.   
• Accepts 28-30 AWG stranded flat cable.      
• No. of contacts available 14, 16, 24 and 40