Card Edge Connectors Selector Guide

The card edge connector provides a fast means for connecting/disconnecting single, double-sided, or multilayer printed circuit boards.
Contact force consistency is obtained through the use of a long-cantilevered contact having a minimum deflection angle and an extended self-cleaning, wiping action. These contacts ensure positive connection to the board, even when pad surfaces are irregular.
Good contact pressure is maintained with minimum wear on PC board pads, even in hostile environments, and after numerous insertions and withdrawals or shock and vibration.



Card Edge Connector 


CWR-170 Series Card Edge Connector without mounting ears

CWR-171 Series Card Edge Connector with mounting ears



•  Used for connecting/disconnecting single, double-sided or multi-layer printed circuit boards.     
• Compatible with PC board thicknesses from .032 in. to .070 in.     
• Long cantilever contact provides consistent insertion/withdrawal forces.       
• Available with or without mounting flanges.       
• Incorporates standard strain relief.       
•  It required, optional polarizing key inserted into V-slot between any two contacts generates positive polarization.       
• Accepts 28-30 AWG stranded flat cable.       
• No. of contacts available 10, 20, 26, 34, 40 or 50.