New Pushbutton Switch for Foot Pedal or Hand Actuation Developed from Standard Switch Mechanism

Southampton, PA. –CW Industries, a long recognized manufacturer of switches, connectors and custom components for the OEM, has developed a pushbutton switch from one of its full size rocker switches that has been designed, tested and agency approved.

The new switch – GRSN-2011-2002  is a Full Size SPST Rocker Switch with a molded super structure designed for use in Kick Switch applications. Rated at 16 Amps@250 VAC, this unique design allows the user to get the features of a push on – push off switch with the performance and reliability of a CW Full Size Rocker Switch.

Although compact, the push button superstructure is rugged enough to be foot actuated or hand actuated and is an acceptable replacement for what typically have been large, bulky, and expensive switches. The CW switch is ideal for appliances, lighting systems, medical equipment, vacuum cleaners, audio equipment, electronic devices, power tools and many other devices.  The switch can be mounted securely in a .550’’x1.125’’ panel opening requiring no screws or other fasteners. The standard switch includes a black housing and rocker knob but can also be molded in a wide range of colors and special markings to suit your specific requirements.

Serving customers since 1904, CW Industries is a World Class Manufacturer serving many of the leading industrial, consumer and defense electronics manufacturers with complex electromechanical slide, rocker and pushbutton switches; insulation displacement and MIL SPEC connectors; and a variety of custom switches, custom connectors and assemblies that require a high level of precision, performance and reliability. CW Industries is IS0 9001 Certified and our in house test facility is qualified to UL, CSA and DOD standards.

For more information and technical specifications, contact Jon Schott at CW Industries, 130 James Way, Southampton PA, 18966. Phone: 215-355-7080. Email:

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