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CW Engineering works closely with our customers to design innovative, high-quality and cost driven options for electromechanical switches, connectors, wire harnesses, insert molded lead frame assembly, and PCB assemblies.

We provide comprehensive customer support with on-site design and technical assistance to enable our customers to go from product concept to production without delay. Our engineers utilize Catia, Pro E, AutoCAD & Solid Works software and Stereo Lithography Apparatus (SLA) to rapidly produce prototypes without incurring substantial tooling costs. Our innovative ideas have resulted in many patented and trademarked items.  

Design Engineering
switches custom design

  • Recognized experts in Commercial and Mil Spec Interconnect technologies.
  • Comprehensive customer support and response
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Rapid completion of prototypes
  • CW Engineers rely on best practice design and development processes



The critical key to manufacturing low-cost, high-quality components and assemblies is tooling design. CW’s in-house tooling capabilities include rapid prototype, and production mold, stamping and automated assembly tooling. We design, build and maintain tools – both simple and complex to ensure manufacturing repeatability and compliance and to meet your most challenging dimensional, shape and size requirements.

CW Tooling engineers are an integral part of the design for manufacturing team to ensure cost-effective manufacturing options and to provide our customers with greater design flexibility, shorter lead times, and increased control over the quality and performance of the final product.

tooling workplace example of tooling
  • Three state-of-the-art tool shops – in-house
  • Single and multiple cavity Molds
  • Single to multiple cavity progressive dies
  • Automation Equipment
  • Prototype Shop

Injection and Insert Molding:


CW has complete injection and insert molding manufacturing capabilities in- house. We expertly mold an in depth selection of colors and materials such as nylon, polycarbonate, polyester, LCP, and many more. We maintain the highest levels of quality through advanced process controls and both automated and semi automated systems including our automatic drying and conveying system which eliminates potential for material contamination.

Our many years of experience supplying both small to high volume switches and connectors has made CW the primary choice when you require superior quality, quick turnaround and selective materials.

Injection Molding
Molding products Molding raw material
  • Automated injection molding
  • Automated, computer aided insert molding
  • Wide selection of materials such as nylon, polycarbonate, LCP, polyester, and more
  • Customized Designs

Stamping / Forming:


Our vertical integration practices extend into stamping and metal forming at our U.S. plant in Pennsylvania. We manufacture unique designs, shapes and sizes in a wide selection of materials including steel, copper, phosphor bronze and many others.

The versatility of our equipment, skill of our personnel and our built in quality control systems ensure repeatability and reliability. The design and consistency of our metal stampings and sub components are integral in the successful performance of our connector and switch products in the field.

Stamping and forming
forming products forming samples
  • Fully automated, high volume systems
  • Multiple output progressive dies
  • Expert in wide range of raw materials, such as steel, copper, phosphor-bronze
  • Precise quality control



To ensure cost effectiveness and compliance, CW plates many of its products in-house. From stamped switch contacts to plated connector pins, we exercise precise control over our processes to save our customers money and eliminate any unnecessary waste.

We have selective and duplex plating capabilities and plate a variety of materials including gold, silver, palladium, nickel and tin. CW’s plating processes are environmentally responsible and we meet all the necessary regulatory approvals. You can find many of CW’s plated connector products in sophisticated military electronics and missile systems where reliability and performance are critical in the successful transmission of field data.

Plating operator
Line of plating machines sample of plating in progress
  • Unique capabilities for selective and duplex plating
  • Precise control of plating ensures high-quality at lowest possible cost
  • Environmentally friendly facility
  • Variety of plating styles available, including gold, silver, palladium, nickel, and tin

Manufacturing Automation:


CW Industries has designed and developed both automated and semi automated equipment in- house, to reduce manufacturing costs and remain competitive in today’s world economy. Our design teams have developed advanced equipment resulting in higher consistency, reduced lead times and lower costs.

Specialized vision systems are an integral component of our designs to ensure repeatability and isolate any potential defect prior to shipment.

Manufacturing automation
close look on machine operator feeds the machine
  • Automated equipment for high volume processes
  • Proprietary equipment designed and built in-house
  • Vision systems integrated into assembly equipment
  • Automation ensures repeatability and quality
  • cost-effective

Global Alliances:


CW has formed Strategic Alliances that offer our customers high-quality, cost-effective options utilizing our design and quality expertise. Our partners are ISO 9001 and TS16949 certified and extend CW capabilities overseas.

From a simple wire harness design to an SMT Printed Circuit Board assembly, we can handle a wide range of applications, cost-effectively and with the highest levels of quality and customer support.

Wire Harness sample
Worker working on wires Global alliance plant
  • Harness Assembly
  • PCB Assembly with ESD Compliance
  • Quality Control & Testing
  • Work Cells
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